Aschyotana Eye Treatment

What is Aschyotana Therapy?

Aschyotana Eye Treatment is a specialised procedure dedicated to nurturing and rejuvenating the health of your eyes. In this therapy, the practitioners surge droplets of Ayurvedic medicine directly into the eyes from a safe height. Once done, the individual is asked to close their eyes so that the medicine can calm your nerves and show its effect. Aschyotana is easy in Ayurveda to be performed but it must only be done by the experts, and that’s where we come in. For those who are unaware, this is a 7 to 14-day treatment course depending upon the severity of your condition. The benefits might take a while to appear but don’t worry it’ll surely be worth it.

What are the Benefits of Aschyotana Eye Treatment?

As said earlier, Aschyotana easy Ayurveda therapy has massive health benefits that not only address your eye issues but also contribute towards overall well-being. This treatment especially aims to reduce eye strain and fatigue to enhance blood circulation and promote relaxation. Apart from this it is very beneficial for inflammatory conditions of the eye and strengthens the nerves which gives freshness to your eyes. So if you want to improve your vision then visit our Aschyotana easy Ayurveda Hospital i.e. TarunVeda to get your therapy started.
Aschyotana Ayurvedic Treatment

How is Aschyotana Eye Treatment done?

The Aschyotana therapy involves personalised consultation where the practitioners drop 4 to 11 droplets of ayurvedic medicine into the patient’s eyes. Doing so helps to rejuvenate the eyes and get rid of the issues easily. But don’t forget, this is a 7 to 14-day treatment course and should only be performed by practitioners specialised in eye care. After surging the eyes with droplets of medicine from a safe distance, the patient is asked to close their eyes for a short period of time.
To wrap up, we urge you to embark on the holistic journey of natural wellness so you can benefit from it. If you’re planning to take the Aschyotana Therapy in Delhi, then simply type the best Aschyotana Ayurveda services in Dwarka and you’ll be able to find us. Or you can reach out to us on our contact number and we’ll help you with all the other details.
Contraindications of Aschyotana Therapy

Before taking the therapy be aware of its contraindications as some conditions or illnesses may interfere with the therapy and have some unpleasant effects. So it’s best to first consult with our physicians at TarunVeda and then only move forward with the procedure. With that being said, you must avoid getting the Aschyotana Eye Treatment, if you are suffering from an infectious eye disease or any cancerous disorder.

Who Should Take Aschyotana Eye Treatment?

Aschyotana Eye Treatment is suitable for every individual who is looking forward to exploring holistic wellness through Ayurveda. Just keep the above-mentioned contraindications in mind and you’ll be good to go. This therapy is recommended for those who are bothered by dry eyes, eye fatigue, eye strain, computer vision syndrome, cataracts, inflammatory lesions and many more such issues.

How does Aschyotana Therapy works?

The procedure of Aschyotana is easy in Ayurveda, but it must only be done by knowledgeable practitioners. As there are some chances of errors if the procedure is not done properly. In this treatment, the practitioners surge 4 to 11 drops of customised ayurvedic eye drops into the eyes. This is done from a safe height of 2 to 4 inches for around 10 to 15 minutes. After that, the individual is asked to close their eyes for a while, so the medicine and its effects can soak in. But don’t forget, the therapy must only be done by experienced physicians to avoid errors. And for that at TarunVeda Wellness Centre we only have experts who converge modern techniques and Ayurvedic knowledge to give the best treatment.

Why Choose Tarunveda for Aschyotana Eye Treatment?

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit our Aschyotana easy Ayurveda Hospital i.e. TarunVeda for the treatment. Such as our wellness centre of Aschyotana Ayurveda services in Dwarka is well equipped with all the modern medical advancements and facilities you need. All the practitioners here are the practitioners that have specialised in eye care. The treatment they give is a mix of both modern techniques and ancient Ayurvedic knowledge. Apart from that, we even take a comprehensive approach towards your healing and customise our services to ensure your requirements are met. Speaking of customization.