Nasya Panchakarma treatment


TarunVeda is your haven if you’re looking forward to getting an Ayurvedic therapy like Nasya Treatment in Ayurveda. We take pride in offering such services where we merge ancient wisdom and modern expertise to provide the best natural healing you’re looking for. At our hospital, we tailor our services according to your specific requirements to give you a calm and wonderful experience along with your overall.

What is Nasya Treatment in Ayurveda?

This is one of the 5 methods of Panchakarma therapy also known as Nasya Panchakarma Treatment. In this treatment, we pour ayurvedic oil through your nostrils that aims to cleanse your central nervous system. As mentioned earlier, it treats various kinds of illnesses such as Sinusitis, Migraines, Insomnia, Headaches, Facial paralysis, and more.

What are Nasya Therapy Benefits?

Many people often take this Nasya Treatment for Sinusitis, as it’s a common condition, yet very persistent and discomforting. So the therapeutic oils used in the treatment focus on alleviating congestion and reducing inflammation. That enhances the flow of your vital energy and not only promotes great sinus health but also overall healing. The Nasya Therapy benefits extend far beyond treating sinusitis. If you take regular sessions from TarunVeda, then it can contribute towards improving various health components. Such as,
Respiratory issues
Cognitive issues

How does Nasya Panchakarma Treatment Work?

Here we have mentioned a gist of the Nasya therapy procedure so you can get an idea of the ayurvedic method being used at TarunVeda. In the treatment, we first massage your face, neck & ears to loosen up the adhesive doshas. Once done, oil is administrated through the nostrils. Here at TarunVeda, we customize the oil based on the condition to be treated so you get the ideal healing you’re looking for. After the main procedure, the patient is given a medicinal smoke known as Dhuma Pana for inhalation and lukewarm water to gargle.

Why Choose TarunVeda for Nasya Treatment?

Finding an authentic Nasya Treatment Ayurveda service in today’s world can be quite a task, but not anymore. At TarunVeda, you’ll get the ideal treatment for natural healing with Expert Practitioners who use their Ayurvedic expertise with a mix of modern techniques. Here we customize the treatment and the medicines according to your requirements. TarunVeda is well known for its Nasya Treatment Ayurveda services and other therapies such as Vaman, Virechana, and more. We are also considered to be one of the Best Nasya Treatment in Dwarka, Delhi.