Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes

Achieving a healthy and fulfilling life while managing diabetes is attainable through Ayurveda. Diabetes, being a metabolic disorder, requires more than just sugar level regulation for effective treatment.

Countless individuals with diabetes effectively regulate their blood sugar levels using Ayurvedic methods, thereby sidestepping significant health issues that may arise from neglecting timely diabetes treatment.

Ayurvedic solution for type-1 and type-2 Diabetes gives you get a holistic treatment that addresses the root-cause of the problem and gives you 360° improvement, beyond just lowered blood sugar levels.  Untreated Diabetes can lead to severe damage of the kidneys, eyes and the nervous system. Speak to a doctor if you see any of these symptoms.

Why you should choose Ayurveda?

What special Ayurveda does in diabetes treatment?

Works on the root-cause!

Contrary to conventional treatments that primarily target symptom alleviation, Ayurveda focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying cause of the ailment. This approach starts with detoxification to enhance the efficacy of medicines in tackling the true origin of the condition.

More than just medicines

In addition to medications, dietary and lifestyle factors significantly contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of treatments and maintaining their benefits beyond the medication period. Therefore, Ayurveda places equal emphasis on optimizing diet and lifestyle choices.

Reduces future health risks

By targeting the root cause of diseases, Ayurveda effectively mitigates the risk of severe health complications stemming from untreated underlying issues. Patients who undergo Ayurvedic treatment are less likely to experience significant health complications in the future.
Pre-Diabetic & Initial Stage

In the initial stage of Diabetes, Tarun Veda Ayurveda treatment works on preventing further increase in blood sugar levels through diet and lifestyle management along with herbal medicines. This helps in avoiding life-long dependency on insulin and significantly reduces risk of organ damage at later stage.

Chronic Diabetes

Treatment for chronic Diabetes focuses on reducing dosage of insulin, while managing blood sugar levels and keeping metabolism high to prevent fatigue. Special herbs and Rasayanas are prescribed to rejuvenate the body and to ensure that no further complication is caused.

Advanced stage with other complication

Treatment for the advanced stage, especially with comorbidities (complications), works on improving the overall quality of life through customized Rasayanic treatment, diets and simple lifestyle modifications. Special attention is also given to reduce risk of further deterioration.


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