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Ayurvedic Treatment for Thyroid

The thyroid glands are part of the endocrine system and diseases of these glands are most commonly attributed to reduced or excessive intake of iodine and tyrosine. Tumours of thyroid glands, excess stress, reduced or excessive intake of side effects of medicines, and toxicity of the goitre are some common reasons for thyroid disorders. Causes of thyroid problems may be because of Pitta imbalance. Hence, patients may experience a variety of different symptoms such as sensitivity to cold, dryness of the skin, Constipation, Anorexia, Angina pain, Anemia and disordered menstrual function due to the underlying thyroid imbalance.
The ayurvedic treatment provides natural remedy for Thyroid with customized herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle plans which addresses the root-cause of the problem.

Why you should choose Ayurveda?

What special Ayurveda does in thyroid treatment?

Works on the root-cause!

Unlike other treatment procedures that jump straight to symptom management, Ayurveda plans to address the root-cause of the disease by providing natural thyroid treatment. It begins by detoxifying the body so that medicines can work better towards treating the actual root-cause of the disease.

More than just medicines

Other than medicines, the diet and lifestyle play a very important role in complementing the effect of medicines as well as sustaining the benefit of treatment after the medicines have ended. So, Ayurveda equally focuses on natural remedy through diet & lifestyle changes.

Reduces future health risks

Since Ayurveda focuses on the root-cause of thyroid problems it effectively reduces the risk of severe health complications arising out of the untreated underlying cause. Patients who complete their Ayurveda treatment have a reduced risk of health complications later.

Ayurvedic Hypothyroidism treatment involves clearing these channels in order to balance body energies and restore the circulation of thyroxin. Herbal preparations are administered to increase the digestive fire at a cellular level and to restore proper metabolism.


Treatment for Hyperthyroidism works on reducing the excessive presence as well as the formation of the hormones by clearing body channels, rejuvenating and detoxifying the body. Special attention is also given to boost immunity by strengthening Pitta to ensure reduced risk of common ailments by keeping a control on thyroid hormone.

Thyroid Ayurvedic treatment

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