Putapaka (Eye care) Ayurveda Treatment/Therapy in Dwarka, Delhi

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A woman receiving Putpaka Ayurvedic therapy

What is Putapaka?

Putapaka in Ayurveda service is the process of making lukewarm medicinal juice (swarms) that stay stagnant in one’s eyes. This is achieved with the use of Putapaka vidhi. The amount of time required to keep the medicinal juice stagnant varies depending on the individual and is accomplished using a ready frame. Putapaka Ayurvedic Treatment is used after Tarpana treatment to help the eyes become stronger again.
This method of Putapaka ayurvedic treatment is used after Tarpana with the goal of reducing Tarpana’s negative consequences. In cases of chronic inflammations, irritative ocular disorders, and eye ulcers, it can also be carried out on its own.

What are the benefits of Putapaka?

Clarity and Vision

Putapaka in ayurvedic service renders to protect and preserve eye health, which may result in an improved clarity and vision.

Relief from Eye pressure

These therapies may assist in mitigating the pressure that reading, prolonged screen time, and other eye-stressing activities can place on the eyes.

Reduction of Dryness

Putapaka Ayurvedic treatments may provide comfort to those who are suffering from dry eyes or discomfort as a result of inadequate lubrication.

TarunVeda Putapaka Ayurvedic Treatment

Contra – Indications of Putapaka:

Chronic Eye Infections

Without an appropriate medical evaluation and treatment, it is not safe to conduct Putapaka Ayurvedic Treatments on someone who has a severe eye infection, for instance- severe conjunctivitis, keratitis.

Severe Eye Disorders

Before beginning Putapaka in Ayurveda Services or associated therapies, anyone with advanced or severe eye illnesses, such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, other ocular conditions, should speak with an eye doctor.

Pregnant and lactating women

are cautioned against engaging in Putapaka in Ayurveda Services therapy due to the potential consequences arising from its methods, which is dangerous for the well-being of both the mother.

Why TarunVeda?

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