Udvartanam treatment is considered a medical therapy that comes from Ayurveda and involves the use of the dry powder massage or herbal powder massage. It is typically done by rubbing the body with the medicated powders in upward directions. Then a rub is performed using the upward strokes, these strokes, which help to promote the flow of blood, to peel off the skin, and to detoxify the body. Udvartanam treatment can be done by itself or as a part of the bigger Ayurvedic therapy. In fact, Udvartana, a most respected Ayurvedic therapy, apart from weight loss, it also has several multifaceted health benefits. 

As per the Ayurveda knowledge, Udvartanam treatment, also famously known as Udwartana, is the “urdhavagati abhyanga” or the variation of Abhyanga massage using upward strokes with the application of soft and fragrant herbal powders (Churnas) and in addition, at a minimal level, there is the application of pressure. But nonetheless ,Udvartanam treatment is not only limited to weight loss therapy. It is one of the Jivanasuparna (lifestyle regulation) as well and can be practiced at home every morning.

A person can lose significant weight with Udvartanam treatment. Patients who are under the influence of Udvartanam treatment, will be getting optimal nutrition from the Ayurvedic diet and physical exercise, so a significant reduction in body weight is going to occur. It has been found out from various studies and case histories that the average weight loss in treatments that last 4 to 6 weeks ranges from 2 to 5kg. This varies, of course, depending on individual body composition, and the person’s good compliance with dietary restrictions as well as the change in lifestyle.

There are indeed other important health outcomes of Udvartanam treatment beyond dropping of extra kilos.

1.Detoxification and Reduction in Cellulite: Udvartana brings out the body’s intrinsic methodology to expel toxic matter in the form of toxins (Ama) and eliminates the negative look of cellulite. The workflow of the therapy working as an exfoliant in purging the pores and increasing the texture of the skin turns to a reduction in the visibility of cellulite up to 25-30% during a series of treatments.

2.Improved Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage: The strong massage techniques involved in Udvartana activate the blood circulation and pump the lymphatic process. Such a process with lymphatics can also assure a reduction by 201 in the cases of abdominal tissue and water retention diseases.

3.Skin Health: To add with the herbal powders of Udvartana being anti-oxidative agents and having anti-inflammatory effects. Regular treatments can bring up to a 40-50% degree of softness, tightness, and a light complexion of the skin as reported by utilizators. Additionally, the therapy therapy not only helps decrease acne and skin blemishes by approximately 20-25%.

4.Enhanced Digestive Efficiency: Udvartanam treatment though might result in better absorption of the nutrients only if the deeper organs are pushed more and more efficient digestion Agni is experienced up to 15-20%. This is the condition that a person can lose weight and keep it off.

5.Psychological Well-being: Udvartana in fact promotes the psychological standpoint of a person, thus aiding in some cases to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety by 30-40%. The treatment provides a first wind for the body, which is then carried over to the mind that fullishes the mood and feels the elation of inner strength.

6.Muscle Tone and Strength: Udvartana includes the deep tissue massage which is a muscle tissue strengthening therapy and thus it leads to a 10-15% improvement in muscle tone and strength. In addition, muscle tone and strength are not the only indicators of a healthy body, but they also support physical health and endurance.

7.Rheumatoid Arthritis: Udvartanam treatment and powder massage make KAPHA and AMA go away. In patients with rheumatoid arthritis, AMA damages the joints the most, and therefore its is directly helpful in reducing inflammation and treating conditions of the knee and back. Sometimes, applying the herbal powder with some force can worsen pain, so the friction should be gentle and the patient should be under the supervision of an ayurvedic physician. The Ruksha Udvartana is more useful if the main symptom is stiffness along with a heavy feeling in the joints than pain. Snigadh Udvartana is more beneficial for tender joints with redness.

Udvartanam treatment is a complete approach to weight loss as it does not concentrate only on the area afflicted by excess weight but rather improves whole health aspects. Udvartana: You wish for a detailed treatment, Anti- obesity, an increase in metabolic rate by detoxifying your body along with adding up various other health benefits you will find Udvartana among all the different forms of Ayurveda Treatment. There is a lot of research supporting how well the therapy works however for some individuals they will not see such drastic results so it really does depend on the person with regards to what outcomes are achieved, but overall its effectiveness as well as it’s multi-beneficial nature has been extensively proven.

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