How to do Udvartana Therapy and What Precautions Should be Taken?

Do you feel lethargic because putting on some extra pounds contributed through a lack of exercise? If so, it might be time for you to check out some skin exfoliating treatments that help in the reduction of body fat. While talking about these categories of treatment, Udvartana Therapy is one of the first names that comes to mind. Udvartana Therapy is the most recommended ayurvedic treatment that treats your full body with rhythmic motion using a mixture of herbal powder. If you are interested in dissolving your excessive fat while ensuring it acquires a proper shape. Opting for Udvartanam Therapy Treatment in Delhi from Tarunveda could help you get miraculous results. 

Brief Description on Udvartana Therapy

On booking your appointment with Tarunveda for Udvartanam Therapy Treatment in Delhi. The Udvartana Therapy would start with rubbing powder or paste over your body for 30-45 minutes. After doing so, you would be left alone for some time thereby letting the paste dry on your body.

Once, completed the absorptive power of this paste would pull the excessive fat thereby allowing your muscles to relax. Finally, you will be taken for swedena an herbal sauna, and a hot shower to remove the paste put on for the therapy.

Different Types of Procedures for Udvartana Therapy


Here, we have talked about some of the procedures that are followed for providing Udvartana Therapy to patients. Each step has a significant role to play in rolling out a successful Udvartana Therapy.


·       Purvakarma


Purvakarma is the pre-treatment procedures that a patient goes through before putting it on the table. Here the prakriti (basic constitution) and Vikriti (details of morbidity) are noted down in detail. 

Moreover, the disease from which the patient might be suffering is also determined at this stage. This stage is vital for knowing whether the patient would be able to handle the treatment.


In this stage, the medicated oil that has been chosen for Abhyanga will be made warm. Meanwhile, you will be given massage covering the whole body for 15-20 minutes thereby preparing the patient for Udvartana.


·       Pradhana Karma


Pradhana Karma is the stage where your treatment starts to take shape. This massage is carried out simultaneously while maintaining synchronization on both sides of your body. 

Therefore, uniformity is attained while the whole body effectively goes through treatment. For this treatment, you would be allocated double masseur as it is difficult for one to handle everything themselves.


The herbal powder that is prepared for Udvartana therapy is rubbed in the upper limbs, lower limbs, over the abdomen, over the chest, covering the back, and over the neck. This process is repeated multiple times until the dry powder used for treatment gets soaked by your body.


·       Paschat Karma


On completing the above stages, the body will be cleaned with a sterile cloth to remove the dry powder. Once, the ayurvedic powder is wiped off the patient will be smeared with a medicated oil like the one used in purvakarma. You will be taken to a steam chamber for relaxation at the same time a facial sauna will be given after 5 minutes.


After completing all the above stages, you are advised to rest for 1 hour and then go for a hot water bath. Siddhartha Snana churna powder can be used during this process to complete your Udvartana Therapy.


Precautions To Follow When Choosing Udvartana Therapy


Once, you have understood the procedure of Udvartana Therapy. It would be time for you to properly understand the precautions that must be taken before booking an appointment. Not taking certain precautions could lead you to face more issues in your body overall well-being.




  • Not recommended for dry skin


Anyone who has dry skin and has the desire to explore the benefits of Udvartana Therapy. They must proceed with caution as the dry ayurvedic powder used during Udvartana Therapy would lead your skin to get torn apart thereby causing a burning sensation. Therefore, it is best to avoid this therapy for those who possess dry skin. 


  • Pregnant women


Pregnant women aren’t allowed to sit for Udvartana Therapy as the dry powder absorbed by their skin leads to disturbance in body fluids. Moreover, the baby inside the womb could also feel the effects of the ayurvedic powder mixture used during Udvartana Therapy. 


  • Kids


Kids should be kept at a safe distance from Udvartana Therapy as the paste used for this treatment isn’t suitable for their bodies. If they come in contact with this category of powder it leads to several allergic reactions in their body. 




When it comes to treating weight loss, Udvartana therapy is considered an excellent treatment. Because the results are there for you to see after a few days of availing this wonderful massage session. Nevertheless, ensure you receive this Udvartana Therapy from professional Panchakarma experts that are available in Tarunveda.